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LibFINS API Reference – finslib_parameter_area_read()

finslib_parameter_area_read( sys, area_code, data, start_word, num_words );


Parameter Type Description
sys struct fins_sys_tp * A pointer to a structure with the FINS context
area_code uint16_t The parameter area from which data must be read
data uint16_t * Pointer to the buffer where the retrieved data must be stored
start_word uint16_t Offset of the first wordt in the parameter area which must be read
num_words size_t The number of words to be read from the parameter area

Return Value

Type Description
int A return value from the list FINS_RETVAL_... indicating the result of the query


The function finslib_parameter_area_read() can be used to read data from a parameter area. The area to read must be selected with a FINS_PARAM_AREA... parameter Also the start offset and number of words must be passed to the function as parameters. It is the responsibility of the calling function to ensure that the buffer which must contain the returned block of words is large enough.

The return value is either FINS_RETVAL_SUCCESS when the function succeeded, or one of the other FINS_RETVAL_ values if an eror occurs. In the latter case the data in the return buffer is unreliable and should not be used.

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