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LibFINS API Reference – Return Values

Function return values

Name Description
FINS_RETVAL_SUCCESS The function executed successfully
FINS_RETVAL_SUCCESS_LAST_DATA The function executed successfully and the last available data is returned
FINS_RETVAL_CANCELED The execution of the function was cancelled
FINS_RETVAL_ABORTED The execution of the function was aborted
FINS_RETVAL_MAX_ERROR_COUNT The maximum allowed error count was reached and the connection is closed
FINS_RETVAL_SYNC_ERROR A synchronization error occured
FINS_RETVAL_CLOSED_BY_REMOTE The connection was closed by the remote peer
FINS_RETVAL_NO_FINS_HEADER The request or response packet had an invalid FINS header
FINS_RETVAL_DATA_LENGTH_TOO_LONG The length of the packet is too long
FINS_RETVAL_COMMAND_NOT_SUPPORTED The issued FINS command is not supported by the remote CPU
FINS_RETVAL_ALL_CONNECTIONS_IN_USE All the connections are in use
FINS_RETVAL_NODE_ALREADY_CONNECTED The node is already connected
FINS_RETVAL_NODE_IP_PROTECTED The IP address of the node is connected
FINS_RETVAL_CLIENT_NODE_OUT_OF_RANGE The client node number is out of range
FINS_RETVAL_SAME_NODE_ADDRESS The client and server use the same node address
FINS_RETVAL_NO_NODE_ADDRESS_AVAILABLE All free node address slots are in use
FINS_RETVAL_TRY_LATER The system is busy, please try again later
FINS_RETVAL_NOT_INITIALIZED The FINS contect is not initialized
FINS_RETVAL_NOT_CONNECTED There is no active connection with the remote peer
FINS_RETVAL_OUT_OF_MEMORY An out of memory error occured
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_IP_ADDRESS An invalid IP address was specified
FINS_RETVAL_NO_READ_ADDRESS No remote read address specified in function call
FINS_RETVAL_NO_WRITE_ADDRESS No remote write address specified in function call
FINS_RETVAL_NO_DATA_BLOCK There was no data block specified in the function call to store received or to send data
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_READ_ADDRESS No valid memory address for reading data from the PLC was provided
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_WRITE_ADDRESS No valid memory address for writing data to the PLCwas provided
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_READ_AREA The specified memory area is not available for reading data
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_WRITE_AREA The specified memory area is not available for writing data
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_FILL_AREA The specified memory area is not available for filling with data
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_PARAMETER_AREA The specified parameter area is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_DISK The specified disk is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_PATH The specified directory path is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_FILENAME The specified filename is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_DATA The specified date is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_NO_COMMAND There was no FINS command specified
FINS_RETVAL_NO_COMMAND_LENGTH There was no FINS command length specified
FINS_RETVAL_BODY_TOO_SHORT The body of the FINS command is too short
FINS_RETVAL_BODY_TOO_LONG The body of the FINS command is too long
FINS_RETVAL_HEADER_SEND_ERROR An error occured while sending the FINS command header
FINS_RETVAL_COMMAND_SEND_ERROR An error occured while sending the FINS command body
FINS_RETVAL_RESPONSE_INCOMPLETE The response received from the other peer was incomplete
FINS_RETVAL_ILLEGAL_FINS_COMMAND The FINS command specified is illegal
FINS_RETVAL_RESPONSE_HEADER_INCOMPLETE The header of the response is shorter than expected
FINS_RETVAL_INVALID_FORCE_COMMAND The specified command to force a bit is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_LOCAL_NODE_NOT_IN_NETWORK The local node is currently not connected a a network
FINS_RETVAL_LOCAL_TOKEN_TIMEOUT Waiting for a token timed out
FINS_RETVAL_LOCAL_RETRIES_FAILED The local node failed after the specified amount of retries
FINS_RETVAL_LOCAL_TOO_MANY_SEND_FRAMES Too many send frames are currently processed
FINS_RETVAL_LOCAL_ADDRESS_RANGE_ERROR The local node has an address setting error
FINS_RETVAL_LOCAL_ADDRESS_DUPLICATION The address of the local node is a duplicate of the address of another node
FINS_RETVAL_DEST_NOT_IN_NETWORK The remote node is not in the network
FINS_RETVAL_DEST_UNIT_MISSING The unit on the destination PLC is missing
FINS_RETVAL_DEST_THIRD_NODE_MISSING A third party node for the communication is missing
FINS_RETVAL_DEST_NODE_BUSY The remote node is busy
FINS_RETVAL_DEST_TIMEOUT The communication to the remote node timed out
FINS_RETVAL_CONTR_COMM_ERROR The communication controller reported an error
FINS_RETVAL_CONTR_BOARD_ERROR An error was detected in the controller board
FINS_RETVAL_CONTR_UNIT_NUMBER_ERROR The unit number on the controller is invalid
FINS_RETVAL_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND The command is not supported by the remote node
FINS_RETVAL_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION The command is not supported by the version of the remote node
FINS_RETVAL_ROUTING_ADDRESS_ERROR While routing a command an error in the address was found
FINS_RETVAL_ROUTING_NO_TABLES No routing tables are present
FINS_RETVAL_ROUTING_TABLE_ERROR The routing tables contain errors
FINS_RETVAL_ROUTING_TOO_MANY_RELAYS The destination peer is too many hops away from the client
FINS_RETVAL_COMMAND_ELEMENT_MISMATCH A mismatch was discovered between the actual number of elements, and the assumed number
FINS_RETVAL_COMMAND_FORMAT_ERROR An error in the command structure was discovered
FINS_RETVAL_COMMAND_HEADER_ERROR The routing tables are inconsistent with the header of the command


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