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LibFINS API Reference – finslib_errmsg()

finslib_errmsg( error_code, buffer, buffer_len );


Parameter Type Description
error_code int The return value of a FINS function which must be translated to a human readable error message. Valid error codes are one of the FINS_RETVAL_... values.
buffer char * The buffer where the return string must be stored
buffer_len size_t The amount of characters including the zero termination character of the string which can be stored in the buffer

Return Value

Type Description
const char * A pointer to the string message when successful, or NULL when an unrecoverable error occured


All functions in the library which have the option of failing return an integer return code. This code can either be an operating system error, an error returned from the remote peer over the FINS protocol, or an error which occured in the libfins library itself. The function finslib_errmsg() can be used to translate such an error number to a human readable string.

If the function fails to provide an error message due to an internal problem like an unexisting string buffer, the function will return NULL. In all other cases the caller provided buffer will be filled with the appropriate error message and the function returns a pointer to the beginning of that buffer. In case the error code is unknown but the function doesn't fail due to an internal error, the text "Unknown error" is returned.

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