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LibFINS API Reference – Parameter Areas

PLC Parameter Areas

Name Description
FINS_PARAM_AREA_ALL Function affects all parameter areas
FINS_PARAM_AREA_CPU_BUS_UNIT_SETUP Area with setup information for CPU bus units
FINS_PARAM_AREA_IO_TABLE_REGISTRATION Area with I/O registration information
FINS_PARAM_AREA_PLC_SETUP Area with PLC setup information
FINS_PARAM_AREA_ROUTING_TABLE Area with the network routing table


An Omron PLC contains a number of parameter areas which store settings used for the functioning of the system and its environment, rather than for the functioning of the user programs themselves. These parameters store for example information about the units attached to the CPU and routing tables for networking.

The parameter areas can be read and written over the FINS protocol. For each function call to a function which affects a parameter area, it is necessary to specify on which parameter area the activity should be performed. The constants FINS_PARAM_AREA... can be used to specify these areas.

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