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LibFINS API Reference – finslib_memory_area_transfer()

finslib_memory_area_transfer( sys, source, dest, num_words );


Parameter Type Description
sys struct fins_sys_tp * A pointer to a structure with the FINS context
source const char *source ASCII representation of the source starting memory area address
dest const char *dest ASCII representation of the destination starting memory area address
num_words size_t The number of words to transfer

Return Value

Type Description
int A return value from the list FINS_RETVAL_... indicating the result of the query


The function finslib_memory_area_transfer() can be used to transfer a block of data between two memory areas. The source and destination memory areas may be different which makes it possible to copy blocks of data from for example the WR area to the DM area. If a number of words of 0 is used, the function will return with a success code but there will be no data transfered.

Writing to the or counter areas causes the completion flags of the affected timers and counters to be turned off. Note that this function can be called when the CPU is in running mode and that the system may be negatively effected by the memory transfer. The calling party should make sure that the memory transfer will not interfere with a running process or that the CPU is in stop mode, before finslib_memory_area_transfer() is called.

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