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LibFINS API Reference – finslib_memory_area_fill()

finslib_memory_area_fill( sys, start, fill_data, num_word );


Parameter Type Description
sys struct fins_sys_tp * A pointer to a structure with the FINS context
start const char * An ASCII string describing the first memory element to fill
fill_data uint16_t A 16 bit word containing the data to be written to all the affected words in the remote PLC memory area
num_word size_t The number of words to write

Return Value

Type Description
int A return value from the list FINS_RETVAL_... indicating the result of the command


The function finslib_memory_area_fill() can be used to fill a block of 16 bit words in a memory area in a remote PLC with a fill word. The connection with the PLC should already be present before this function is called.

The start of the memory area is provided as an ASCII string which represents the starting address in human readable format. Example formats are CIO20 and W100.

The return value is either FINS_RETVAL_SUCCESS when the function succeeded, or one of the other FINS_RETVAL_ values if an eror occurs. In the latter case depending on the error message it is not sure if none, some or all of the data has been written to the PLC and additional processing and communication with the PLC may be necessary to know or set the correct state of the memory contents of the PLC.

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